Rustic is the New Glam, Staying in Trend FOREVER!

This year gooooooo rustic……!!

Do colors confuse you..?

“Is your inner artist inclined to nature”?

These  furniture styles are casual beauty and an appreciation for decoration, that reflects a sense of charm, history and warmth. Rustic look may incorporate  many styles together, be it a warm welcome, cozy dinner or a sleep in the lap of nature, rustic furniture would come to your aid. Styling furniture is not a daily tea, so make sure your’s stays in trend for long.

Rustic designing is something that creates that sense. This furniture goes with every interior shade and implies the long lasting impact you wish to see in your guest’s eyes. The rust look in the furniture is accomplished to achieve the look of an antique classic as well as a subtle touch of funk.

Blend your rustics with palette and restore the antiquity.

Yes that’s what budget oriented styling is…if you’re bored with your old rustic furniture then try some bold strokes of colors over it and turn it all new, bold and appealing.

The outdoor furnishing, bar accessories and cafe interiors are loved all around with these fusion looks. Red, yellow, green and orange are the shades that go well with your rustic furniture and make an alluring statement.

Rustic look is inspired from the french country style, warm, earthy colors are indicative of a French Country design style, as are worn and ornamental wooden furnishing. The style has an overarching farmhouse inspiration.These design may include  collections of ornate porcelain dishes and heavy linens and bed coverings.

Tips to restore Furniture:

  1. Spray paint your old plastic/metal chairs with bright colors and upholster them with floral cushions.
  2.  Spare racks can be used in living areas as flower pot holders.
  3. Apply pastel wallpapers to the room and use your old furniture to give a vintage style.
  4. Try graffiti art over your old rustic furniture and try it in the all new look.

RJ19 Rusty Products


Rusty Bistro Cabinet

Bistro Cabinet is here, made up with solid mango wood and iron metal slider panels gives solid looks to the decor of your dining interiors

Rusty Dining Table

An Epic indian looking dining table for your colourful dining area, comes in solid mango wood with dirty white distressed finish.

Rusty New Tall Drawer Cabinet

Rusty Tall Cabinet with 5 drawers, Randomly done to augment descrete ambience of your living room, very stylish alternate arrangement of drawers metal after mango wood.

Rusty Coffee Table

Artistic hand forged creation of blacksmith, Knotty rusty table looks very stunning and robust appearance, comes with unpolished mango wood top with saw mill marks.

Rusty Coffee Table With Glass Top

Stylish Rusty Mango wood coffee table with glass top so that you can see through 2 drawers each side, war stamping on the product gives very urban looks.

Rusty Round Top Table

Beautiful Round Rusty Dining table for 4, Knock down metal frame on which top can easily be fixed.

Wooden Console Table

Shiny Chrome Metal Frame console unit with mango wood rendering promising urban looks to the ambience of your living area.

Rusty Wooden Mirror

Rusty looking mirror, made up with solid mango wood frame, Mirror backed by MDF, gives very vintage looks to the ambiance of your bedroom.

Rusty TV Entertainment Unit

A Rusty Entertainment TV cabinet with 4 doors, which enriches the décor of your living room. 2 Doors with tiny grills so that your system's remote control units could work uninterruptedly.

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