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Elegant Furniture Ideas for Students

Worrying about your kids’ future and what will they do with their life is a thought that bugs every parent. The world of parenting is a tough one, full of everyday challenges.

As a parent you are also a facilitator- of comfort, of a nurturing environment, of unconditional love, care and support. We trust you to possess a genius in all of these.

Wooden Street is here to help you in your parenting endeavors, by guiding you about the materialistic facilities your ward might need.

We have listed pieces of furniture that are a pre-requisite in a student’s room. These would help your children learn how to order and systemize their room and grow towards self-imposed discipline. Indeed, a tidy and well-organized room leads to a perfectly balanced positive ambience that helps students concentrate.

1. The Most Obvious Furniture- A Bed

Children need a bed that occupies less space and is exceedingly comfortable. Their bed is one thing they feel the most attached to. It is something they not usually want to share with their siblings or guests. Keeping in mind these conditions imposed by children across the world you need to pick their bed for them.

We Suggest: Venus Single Bed has a neat simplistic and wholesome look with straight, visually pleasing geometrical headboard. This bed is what we call the ultimate student’s bed.

2. Appropriately proportioned Study Table and Chair

A study table and chair make up that corner in your children’s room where they accomplish most of their work. It is indeed a tough job to find a study table and a chair that meets the requirements of a child of every age. Kids grow out of furniture as fast as they grow out of clothes, so they have to be in the precise ratio of their height.

We Suggest: Sandor Study table paired with Sophie Dining Chair proves to be a convenient solution for anyone irrespective of their age. These could later be used to create a corner dedicated to office work in your home.

3. A separate Computer Table

Computers are an integral part of education these days. Not only do computers let your kids have a bounteous access to relevant information about their course work but schools have started introducing high level languages like HTML, C and C++ at elementary level itself.

Having a separate and dedicated space for Computers becomes essential because, apart from studies, students spend long hours playing games, watching movies and randomly surfing the internet. A separate space makes it easier to instill disciplined usage.

We suggest: Declan Computer Desk for aforementioned reasons.

4. A Neatly Organized Wardrobe and Chest of Drawers

It is imperative in a student’s life that they are introduced to self-dependence and efficient organization early in their life. These qualities can be ingrained as habits by teaching them categorization and harmonious grouping of their clothes into a wardrobe and of their school stationery, craft paraphernalia etc., into a chest of drawer.

We Suggest: Allan Multi-Utility Wardrobe paired with Allan Chest Of Drawers for the same.

5. Let Your Kids’ Bookshelf Speak For Them

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important that knowledge”, because those who can imagine their dreams can achieve them. Books help expand the imagination of your child by providing them with information regarding diverse fields. Make your children good readers by installing a bookshelf and encouraging them to read.

We Suggest: Fanny Bookshelf for the reader inside your child.

6. A Systematic Shoe Rack

School shoes, sports shoes, daily wears, home slippers and what not! Your kid definitely owns a variety of shoes that need proper care and orderly arrangement for a litter-free room.

We Suggest: Caitlin Shoe Rack to boost the sense of organization and personal discipline that you’ve been aiming to teach your ward.

A well-organized room with dedicated places for everything that a kid might own, builds a sense of responsibility and self- awareness about the tidiness and order of their room, in the children. Eventually, this generates discipline and managerial qualities.

We hope our ideas helped you in the best way possible. Do let us know how you would like to implement them.

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