RJ19 furniture Pvt Ltd is a part of Sharma Industries Group, an established Star Export house having own manufacturing and processing units for Wooden and Iron furniture currently shipping around 1000 TEU’s a year.

Manufacturing Unit

We are committed to maintain the eco system to the extent possible by following stringent policies on procurement of raw material and control on Polishing of furniture.

The finishes, paints and coatings that we use are though Nitocellulose/Acrylic/Polymid or Polyurethin based but are certified to be free or within stipulated limits of Substances of Very High Concern set by European Chemical Agency under REACH regulation.

Giving back to Nature

We are also working on giving back to the eco system, that’s why we initiated our personal plantation program in the villages of South Punjab district of Firozpur under this program we are distributing free of cost Seesham seedling to the farmers and buying commercial timber from those identified sources also maintaining Wood Control system in our units.

Renewable Energy 

We are harnessing around 15 million KWh of energy each year by the renewable means viz – solar and wind mills being infused to different grid’s of Rajasthan, Gujrat and M.P.

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