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8 Common Design Mistakes to always Avoid

1. Matching Everything

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As much as we love to simplify our styling decisions by purchasing matching furniture sets, it is not always an advisable option because sometimes, just sometimes, it may look as if you bought your room off the furniture store floor instead. An overpowering sense of uniformity. Where’s all the appeal in that? What you might want to try is to perhaps mix it up to create more interest and depth in your living space. Try swapping the chair or ottoman with one from another room and realize the difference!

2. Over-Accessorizing

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Less is more. Over-accessorizing your living space can make it look cluttered and messy. Instead of putting up small pieces of accessories and furnishings, try to have one big statement piece.

3. Grouping Objects in Even Numbers

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With odd number groupings such as in 1, 3 ,5, or even 7, the arrangement of objects would definitely appear more interesting as opposed to the traditional even grouping. Do so especially for the cushions on your sofas!

4. Everything the Same Height

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Now that we know that grouping objects in 3s creates interest, let’s take it a step further by placing these objects of different heights. Varying height of your furnishings displays more aesthetic creativity (even though not all of us are that artistically talented).

5. Fake Greenery

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Some of us may be passionate and have green fingers. To enjoy growing your plants is one thing, but to select the right type of greenery for your home is another. Rule of (your green) thumb, fake vines are a no-go. They don’t exactly enhance the appearance of your homes, well, not really. Instead, try opting for succulents, which are much easier to take care of, or choose natural elements such as branches and dried flowers!

6. Spreading Out a Collection

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A common misconception is that having a large collection of items is a huge achievement. But before we let our pride overwhelm ourselves to display every one of our collectibles in every room of the house- think again. Placing them all over the place would only diminish the impact of the collection. Instead, displaying all the same type of collectibles in one place can get you the same, if not, greater recognition of your achievements!

7. Ignoring the Rule of Thirds

This is one of the most fundamental trick in photography and art, but very much also applicable in arranging your home items. Instead of always placing items in the center, try something different and place them ⅓ way in from the edge for enhanced aesthetics.

8. Lots of Little Things

Small accessories get lost easily and they create visual clutter. When you have the option to choose between small, medium or large, always choose LARGE! Besides, larger accessories make a bigger impact. Y’know what they say: Go Big or Go Home!

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