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7 Creative Home Office Design for Inspiration

Are you planning to add a home office to your home? Whether your home office design will be located in an annex, a small bedroom or just the corner of a room, there are a few essentials you will want consider.

The idea of “working from home” sounds dreamy, but you have to make sure you have a proper work environment if you are to get any actual work done. From the right office supplies to thoughtful ways to personalize and optimize your space, here are our best home office design ideas.

1. Match your furniture.

This frills-free Scandinavian study room features bright pops of yellow amidst an all-white palette. The room emits cheeriness with an understated elegance, but it’s not without function. Extra storage is found underneath the bay seat, while the floating desk provides leg room while providing a visual lightness to the space.


2. Monochromatic Minimalism


Natural light reaches the inside of this monochromatic home office through the use of clear glass walls. The black frames draw design parallels with the lines in the room – you see it in the bookshelves, the window blinds and the wire-framed furniture. It’s minimalistic, yet full of panache.


3. Dark and Handsome

Think black accents and clad your home office with rich, dark wood surfaces that are textured with coarse grains if you want a home office that is for the suit and tie executive. It exudes a very professional look, yet unlike the strait-laced workplaces in a lot of traditional offices, the wood adds a warm feel.


4. Art Attack

Fan blades, the high gloss study table and bay seat are finished in high-gloss red, which are contrasted against the matte-red surfaces of the ceiling beam and the wall so that the room isn’t overpowered with too much sheen. It’s an audacious colour for a study room, but it will definitely invigorate the occupant. Furnishings were chosen to add a retro pop art effect.


5. Barrel of Fun


What is most eye-catching in this work station is the cleverly-designed wall shelf, custom made to spell the word “book” and done with a raw, cement screed finish. The splodges of colours here, burgundy and yellow, bring a buzzing energy to this space.

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